I'm Hollie and this is my husband Brendan and our gorgeous Judd. We are the little family behind Aggie and James. This photo was taken earlier this year, Judd is nearly one now (and I am not ok with how quick the time goes). We live in the windy but beautiful town of Warrnambool, located in Victoria, Australia.

Aggie and James started off whilst on maternity leave. I wanted to create a place where people could come and find lovely little gifts and unique items for their little ones. After lots of deliberation we decided to start off online rather than bricks and mortar. We've tried to provide options for every budget and we want to make it an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for you.

A unique service we offer is we'll wrap your gift and write out a gift tag so your present can be delivered directly to the lucky recipient.

If you're wondering where the name Aggie and James came from Agnes and James are my parents' middle names. They are extremely hard workers and amazing parents so I thought why not name our new little business after them.

Thanks so much for stopping by our store and for supporting a small family business.

Hollie, Brendan and Judd x